The Myth, The Legend Edit

International man of mystery and probably a drug dealer, Craig has only been seen a number of times but remains one of the greatest memes of this server.

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Origin Edit

He was first spotted in November of 2017 when an unknown number texted Reich. The man, now known to be Craig, told Reich that he's at Walmart. When Reich responded with "Who is this?", he uttered the phrase that has become legend. "It Craig". After saying this he told Reich that he owed him $55 before Reich finally answered telling him that he had the wrong number.

Wresting Career Edit

Craig has participated in the first SB Rumble in both the main event and the warm-up matches. In the rumble he placed 29th despite being one of the most powerful characters. He has vowed to step up his game for the next championship and to hopefully win the Rumble.

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