The Mega Gay Edit

Fwafwf, previously known as eliteguy77, is a trap and one of the head admins of Spaghetti Bois.

Origins Edit

Born in 2003, Fwafwf was attracted to PC videogames at a young age and found the online free-to-play building game Roblox. After being part of numerous groups in the Roblox community and moving to Swindon, where he met Atwcat, and was introduced to Risk Universalis. He was part of Risk for the next few months before joining a Discord link for an unofficial Risk server. He joined the official server and was banned a week later for no reason.

NSRP and New Servers Edit

After the ban, Fwafwf created the NSRP with Atwcat and a small group of people from the main Risk server. It grew steadily in size and attracted more and more members from other Discord servers. Months went by before he was unbanned from the Risk Universalis by Ali and invited back.

The main Risk server detached itself from the Roblox group and game it was named after in late 2016 and Fwafwf found himself among the senior admins of the new server. There were regular fights between Ali and many of the members and arguments were a common occurrence. Many members were fed up and after a few different unsuccessful attempts to start up new servers the Spaghetti Bois was formed in secret from the ashes of Ali's collapsing server. The new leadership team was comprised of Hadoje, Fwafwf and Atwcat, all being previous admins for some amount of time.

Medical Conditions Edit

One of the more "healthy" Spaghetti Bois, Fwafwf posses below-average deformation of mind and body. Whilst little is known of his physical appearance other than a presumably small stature due to the undernourishment associated with the average Swinedoniate, it can be assumed that "he" is otherwise "normal". Mentally his retardation is, relatively speaking, low, and on the patented Hierophant Autism Scale (H.A.S) he only ranks a 4/10 (the assumed baseline for a member of the Spaghetti Bois, although this rank is due mainly to lack of information rather than confirmed antiautismic behavior.) - close to the 2.5 boundary which constitutes "socially competent" - a point no known Spaghetti Boi has yet crossed. He has been diagnosed with Trapism (also known as Gender-reversal Retardation) and Moderate Illiteracy.

Wrestling Career Edit

Fwafwf is both a competitor and the creator of the Spaghetti Rumble. Currently, Fwafwf has appeared in the first Rumble match and is one of the main wrestlers to be appearing in the next tournaments. He placed 17th in the first rumble.

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