The Lord of All That is Spaghetti Edit

Hadoje is the owner of the Spaghetti Bois chat and takes pride in maintaining the beyond autistic shitpost quality in the chat, to help him with his task he relies on the help of 3 admins known as Fwafwf, Tabbo, and Atwcat to preserve the rules and meme around.


Origins Edit

Born in the year of 2001, Hadoje has always had a passion for gaming, starting with his first Gameboy, he has always kept a passion for Nintendo in his heart, even after moving on to PC gaming. He joined Roblox at 14 years old where he met Rockoxe in an old mini RP game on Roblox.

Associations with NSRP, Risk Discord and Other Servers Edit

Hadoje was one of the former senior staff in the Risk Discord, having even taken care of chat in certain occasions due to absence of the quasi-owner of the chat. He was also among the Senior of the NSRP hosted by Atwcat, and the creator of the original and less successful NSRP, along with Tabbo and another member named Dazzle who is long gone. His ties with the current Spaghetti Boi administration reach back to the original NSRP, where he first came upon Tabbo and later having become friends with Atwcat and an admin to the server.

Due to the immense conflict in the Risk Discord, Hadoje decided to take his leave, he had already prepared the Spaghetti Bois chat in advance with Fwafwf, as he was expecting to leave soon in a what he hoped to be a peaceful and quiet transition.

Medical Conditions Edit

Like most Spaghetti Bois, Hadoje bears a number of disfigurements and deformities both mental and physical, including but not limited to: sweat/grease overproduction, 3rd degree ugly, and severe mental retardation. On the patented Hierophant Autism Scale (H.A.S), he rates an 8.6 out of 10, or slightly above Atwcat ("Alfie") but below Reich ("Jaxon") and the legendary Fabio ("Autismo Supreme").

Wrestling Career Edit

Hadoje is a competitor in the Spaghetti Rumble. Currently Hadoje has appeared in the first rumble, placing 18th, it is highly likely as the creator of Spaghetti Bois he will be present in other rumbles.

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